A Splendid Day Out – Receives Funding

A Splendid Day Out is very happy, that Morecambe Town Council saw fit to award us sufficient financial resources to make our festival one of the largest in Morecambe, and the 2nd biggest Steampunk Festival in the UK.

The money will go to providing increased high quality infrastructure for a major expansion of what is becoming a popular local and national event. We were disappointed, however, that although following all guidance and format for our application the Town Council didn’t accept our plans for a partnership, at no risk to them, which would have been beneficial to the whole town.

That said, the funding is more than welcome in our fourth year as we prepare to take the next step in making A Splendid Day Out a ‘go to’ event in the Steampunk community nationally, and with the local population of the town.

Happy New Year

Sir gull would like to wish all our followers A Very Happy New Year!

He is ready to spread his wings and fly. For a fee of £4 plus 65p postage or 2 for £7 plus 65p postage via paypal asplendiddayout@gmail.com he could be winging his way to you. Just to clarify these are patches for everyone and not the early bird weekend ticket limited metal pin badges.



Lady Elsie’s Fashion Show

Tickets on Sale NOW! We are delighted to announce that Lady Elsie will be bringing her infamous fashion show to A Splendid Day Out this summer. The price of admission will be £10 and is included in your weekend wristband which are on sale now, or can be bought separately from Jan 1st 2017……If you are a clothes designer and would like a chance to show some of your creations please get in touch at vssmarkets@yahoo.com Also we will be looking for models both men and women of all proportions to strut the catwalk, so don’t be shy.



Early bird tickets are now all Sold Out.

A Limited number of Full prices weekend tickets will go on sale New Years Day

Tickets for A Krak’n Night Out featuring Mark Radcliff’s Galleon Blast, Seas of Mirth and Victor and the Bully are still on sale now.

galleon-blast    seas-of-mirth-by-leftlion1   vb1

Lady Elsie’s Fashion Show tickets go on sale New Years Day


Mr. Phoebus Penny Farthing Experience

So how many of you have ever wondered what it’s like to ride a Penny Farthing, I know I have.
Well now is you chance to have a go on Morecambe promenade.
Join Mr Phoebus at A Splendid Day Out June 2017, for The unique Penny Farthing experience and collect a certificate to take away as proof you did it, I know I will have a go, I can’t wait.mrphoebus

Driven Serious to perform at the Ball

Now to the Ball ……..Who wants to know who will be entertaining you …..Well I can tell you that we have managed to secure a booking with Wait for it………..Drum Role……..
The one and only Driven Serious, Original Punk Folk band.
Their performances and their debut album have been lauded with praise by all the bloggers and fans who have listened to them. Their performance are highly energetic, intense and engaging, being frequently compared to the energy of the early Levellers or The Waterboys


BBC Radio 2 and Radio 6 Presenter Mark Radcliffe To Perform at A Splendid Day Out

Drum Role Please ………………….Yes the rumours are true  A Splendid Day Out has managed to secure BBC’s Radio 2 Presenter Mark Radcliffe’s ( known to some from Mark & Lard).

Mark will be Ho Ho Hoeing  along with his Scurvy crew Galleon Blast and docking at A Splendid Day Out on Friday 2nd June to entertain all ye land lovers.

Join us at A Krak’n Night Out in our new venue The Carleton Marine Road West, Morecambe. Tickets will be on sale soon and further Bands to be Announced.


Our Humble Thanks

On behalf of Ian, Rose, and myself I would like to thank EVERYONE who came to this weekend’s shenanigans. It is always a humble moment to think that you would travel, some of you hundreds of miles, to come to our little offering.

We’d also like to extend a vote of immense gratitude and and love to our awesome volunteers – the true reflection of awesome – who work tirelessly behind the scenes;
Jo Mark Dan Gill Julie Linda Terrie Janice Michelle Kerry-Ann Claire Martin Andrew and our new friends Tim & Plumptious

ASDO would not work without you!

Finally, Gregory and Adrian who support us tirelessly and spin the magic tunes for us

We had a blast, we’ve met new friends, hugged and laughed with old friends and generally had a great time. We are a bit broken, but nothing a massage, a large gin and a healthy piece of cake won’t cure.

Thank you, you outdo yourselves each year. Your trust in us and your generosity to each other leaves us astounded.


Watch out for the Photo’s coming soon.