Traders Info:

The doors will be open to traders from 9am, we will be using the doors to the side of the Platform nearest the Kentucky fried chicken shop.
We would ask you due to limited car space to unload your vehicle quickly then move to alternative parking. before starting to set up. There is a large pay and display car park to the rear of the building. You CANNOT remain parked at the front of the platform, However we have a carpark designated for traders between the platform and Rita’s café. Each Table is clearly marked with your name on it, and there will be people available to watch your belongings whilst you move your vehicle.
for those with satnav the address details are below.

The Platform
Marine Road West, Morecambe, Lancs LA4 4DB UK


The Winter Gardens Theatre

Marine Road Central , Morecambe, LA4 4BU

We are supplying the tables but you need to bring your own coverings.
Each stall will be allocated 2 free drinks of there choice during the day. If you wish to bring your own mugs for a bigger brew please feel free to do so.

All stalls can stay set up overnight if you are trading both days as it is a secured council premises, (although they will not accept any responsibility). Otherwise all stalls must be cleared away by 5 pm on the day you cease trading.

There are tea, cakes & Sandwiches on site.

Recommended Hotels offering discount for all A Splendid Day Out Attendees.

To get the discounts please contact the hotels direct and tell them you are with A Splendid Day Out

The Clarendon Hotel

Bed and Breakfast double or twin room £70 per night

Bed and Breakfast single £40 per night

A deposit £10 per person required at time of booking      Tel: 015245 410180

The Berkeley Hotel

Bed and Breakfast £25 per person per night

The Balmoral Hotel

Bed and Breakfast £25 per person per night

Welcome to The Balmoral

Strathmore Hotel

Exclusive offer!! to the people who are attending the splendid day out.

2 nights Bed & Breakfast £80 pp

3 Nights Bed & Breakfast £90pp

If you would like to book please contact us on 01524 421234.


Search Hotel Booking Site CHEAPROOMS.CO.UK Where A Splendid Day Out is featured in.


The Krak’n Night Out – Fri 2nd June 7.30 – midnight

The Carlton

56 Marine Devonshire Rd West
Morecambe LA4 4EU
Sat & Sun Market & Entertainment 11am – 4pm
Old Station Buildings
Marine Road West
Morecambe LA4 4DB
Captain Nemo’s Masked Ball
East Promenade

Weaponry Rules

A: behave appropriately
B: Keep it sheathed/holstered unless being photographed with ‘it’
C: Do not bring overt attention to it in the public sphere.

The Police have been informed, so there should be no sudden tactical squad incidents, but I ask everyone to behave in accordance with perceived risk.

Recommended Friendly Pubs

The Royal Bar Hotel

257 Marine Road Central, Morecambe, LA4 4BJ

The Palatine

1 The Crescent, Morecambe, LA4 5BZ

The Morecambe Hotel

25 Lord St, Morecambe, Lancashire LA4 5HX

Recommended Friendly Cafe’s Offering discount to all in Attire

Kerry’s Coffee House, 238 Marine Road, Morecambe

Brew Me Sunshine, Victoria street Morecambe .

The Lodge, 12 Queen st, Morecambe

B. Lewis Café, Marine Road Morecambe

The View Café, Marine Road, Morecambe

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