A Splendid Day Out  1st – 3rd June 2018

The A Splendid Day Out airship will land in the UK’s  charming Victorian seaside retreat of Morecambe for its fifth year of top-hole entertainment. Presented by  The League of Splendid, another weekend of astounding entertainment and events, will take place throughout Morecambe.

Saturday the 2nd and Sunday the 3rd of June will see The Platform and the Marquee host a marvellous itinerant Steampunk artisan market.

Friday 1st June 2018

Cabaret evening at the Carleton, 56 Marine Road West, Morecambe, LA4 4EU – 19:30 – Late!

An Evening of Burlesque“. A traditional burlesque show, brought to you by the ‘ladies of Burlesque’, Isle Of Man.

Based on an article written by Jooles Morrison, ‘Find your inner burlesque, find your inner you!’ The show will take you on a journey through time. A history lesson like no other! (Wink).

Madam Zuri Arrosa invites you to a night full of fun, frou-frou and fabulous ladies. Staring principle dancer Miss Dee Dee, and featuring ‘The Ladies’, Angle X, Trixie Vixie and Laureline Lee.

Well known comedian Andrew O’Neil, star of Never Mind The Buzzcocks, Edinburgh Fringe Festival and lead guitarist from TMTWNBBFN will be joining us centre stage with his Black Magic Fun Hour.

Buffo’s Wake are a twelve-legged beast hatched in the murky backwater of Brighton, UK. Armed with accordions, violins and a bucket full of gusto they waltz, tango, mosh and kolo their way through various influences from Eastern European, Balkan and Russian folk, to punk rock and cabaret, telling tales of debauchery, deformity, zombies, incest and anatomy and making the audience dance into the night in the process.

Saturday 2nd June 2018

Artisan Markets At The Platform and The Marquee – 1100 – 1600. £3 on the door for entry to BOTH markets!

A splendid array of Steampunk traders, including costumiers, memorabilia, gifts, crafts and curios will be on hand to delight you with their merchandise. When you have had your fill of purchases, retire to our Tea Room for afternoon tea and maybe even a spot of tiffin.

First up is the very beautiful Belladonna Hades, usually found on the Download stage we have persuades her to bring her fire performance to Around the world in 80 days. Prepare to be mesmerised by the power of the flame.

The delightful  Marina Black will be back on the Saturday to whisk your mind to a land far away. (Well it works for me I always feel I am in a French cafe and have to sit down to listen with tea and cake) so rest your feet and take some time out to listen to this talented musician.


Miss Harri Dean, a talented and versatile vocalist is re joining A Splendid Day Out and will be performing popular songs from the 30’s to the 60’s at the Platform Sat 2nd June 2018.

Introducing you to one of our new outdoor entertainers. Please welcome The Old Time Rags to A Splendid Day Out. With their folky, skiffley, street sounds they’re sure to get your toes tapping. The Old Time Rags will be performing outside The Platform on Saturday and Sunday daytime!

What would A Splendid Day Out be without the boys. Well do not fear, Victor & The Bully will be returning to their Steampunk roots and playing on the live daytime stage Morecambe promenade. No tickets required this is a free event.

The beautiful and talented Alice’s night Circus will be joining us at A Splendid Day Out, to take you all on a musical journey down the rabbit hole.
You can find her on the Main Stage Morecambe Promenade. No tickets required this is a free event.

These guys went down so well in October that we have invited them back, this time on our free outdoor Main Stage. Be prepared for a good old sing along and knees up to well known songs with Ukulele Jukebox.

Arts Of Steam – Winter Gardens

As part of the celebration of all things “Steampunk”, A Splendid Day Out has been successful in persuading the originator of the term “Steampunk” to attend and speak at the Arts of Steam segment of June 2018’s festival. KW Jeter is a science and speculative fiction author who, whilst looking to give a name to the Victorian based speculative science fiction work he was undertaking, in conversation with his friends came up with the word “Steam-punk”. In doing this, he not only gave what he was writing a contextual basis, he also laid the foundation for a creative and irreverent lifestyle we know today. 2017 was the 30th birthday of Steampunk so we have aimed to celebrate this by highlighting the literary heart of our lifestyle. As part of this, KW Jeter was very kind and prompt in offering his services to the event and in doing so also professed a local connection as he visited Morecambe with his late wife.
An author of over 30 books, he has written sequels to the famous “Blade Runner” written by Hampton Fancher and David Peoples, and even penned similar in the “Star Wars” and Star Trek franchises.
We are delighted To have this world-renowned author speak at A Splendid Day Out.

We at A Splendid Day Out are hugely proud to announce the appearance of prolific Science Fiction and Fantasy author Michael Moorcock. Many of you music fans out there will know of his Association with Hawkwind, one of the country’s most famous progressive rock bands. Writing the lyrics of Sonic Attack from the Space Ritual Album, he has also written lyrics for the band Blue Oyster Cult.

His books have included; The Nomad Of time a compilation volume of his early steampunk trilogy. The Elric Of Melnibone series, Corum of the Silver Hand series, Hawkmoon series( a personal favourite) and the very Steampunk, Jerry Cornelius set of books. He wrote the script for the film The Land That Time Forgot and one of his books was also made in a film The Last Days Of Man On Earth, one of his Jerry Cornelius books

We know his appearance at A Splendid Day Out is going to be of great interest to his army of sci-fi fans as well as amongst Hawkwind fans. It has been many years since he has been to the UK and Morecambe in person.



Let’s get steamy on the prom.
Whitfield Light Railway will be bringing their 10.25 gauge miniature railway for you all to have a ride on. He is happy to chat to you about his pride and joy so if there is anything you want to know just ask him

Masquerade Ball At The Carleton, 56 Marine Road West, Morecambe, LA4 4EU – Ticket only 1930 – Late!

First in our line up of guest artistes for the Masquerade Ball on Sat 2nd June 2018, is Biscuithead & the Biscuit Badgers. This band of riotously odd, jolly and engaging, but peculiar too. there’s a calypso about land of the hermit crabs,a celebration of David Attenborough, a lament at the passing of dinosaurs.

Next up at A Splendid Day Out’s Masquerade Ball sat 2nd June 2018 is Aldous Pinch.
A teller of tales and keeper of all secrets. His shady past and dubious future have intrigued Many. He rocked the place in October and will bring the house down in June.

Our final act for A Splendid Day Out’s Masquerade Ball Sat 2nd June 2018, Is back by popular demand. They were a sell out last year so don’t miss getting your tickets this year, with their new album due to be released in spring, Please welcome Dead of Night.

Sunday 3rd June 2018

Artisan Markets At The Platform and The Marquee – 1100 – 1600. £3 on the door for entry to BOTH markets!

A splendid array of Steampunk traders, including costumiers, memorabilia, gifts, crafts and curios will be on hand to delight you with their merchandise. When you have had your fill of purchases, retire to our Tea Room for afternoon tea and maybe even a spot of tiffin.

We all love the 80’s right, well these guys know how to transform us right to that period with their melting pot of 80’s pop,electronica, steampunk and a touch of Goth thrown in. Please welcome for the first time at A Splendid Day Out, Kiss Like Ether.
Playing on our Main Stage. No tickets required this is a free event.

Much loved elder statesman of Steampunk, Montague Jacques Fromage, will be entertaining the masses on A Splendid Day Outs Daytime Main Stage, with his Steampunk Funk Bizarre & his witty repartee. No tickets required this is a free event.

Whilst shopping and experiencing the hustle and bustle of our fabulous markets stocked full of wonderful unique things, don’t forget to take some time out to have tea and cakes, and listen to the beautiful Rachel Mercer. With a voice like an angel she will be joining us inside The Platform.

Sunday 3rd June 2018 will see a new addition to A Splendid Day Out in The Platform. Not only is he an outstanding guitarist, but he is a talented songwriter. With a focus on Blues and Rock all his own work he is not to be missed. So take a break from the shopping, fill up your teacups and take a seat. (Ladies you may want to be at the front for this one) …..Please welcome Sam Rutter.

Rock & blues megalopolis Ben Miles is here to get your feet stomping and your head nodding. Catchy songs, killer riffs and an explosive live show await….