Announcement for ticket holders!

Please go to the information centre at the Winter Gardens theatre to exchange for your wristbands. This will be open from 11am Friday morning til 4pm. If arriving after this time collect on the door at the Alhambra where the evening entertainment is.
The information centre will be open 10am sat morning for those not here Friday.

Maker Challenge!

The challenge is to build (or enter something that has already been built) but something that has to do with the following criteria:

1. Travel (any mode your imagination comes up with).
2. Foreign cultures (human or alien) that you have come across in said travels.
3. Incorporate some aspect or tribute to either Victor and the Bully or Buffo’s Wake. Get creative and have fun with it!

There will be prizes:
1. A pair of tickets to the 12-14 October event
2. A signed copy of the David Lee novel “Country in Ruin:1865”, a copy of his novella and a copy of his anthology from HCS Publishing.
3. You will be written into David Lee’s sequel novel “World in Ruin:1868”, either as a villian or hero, your choice.
4. A CD and T-shirt from Buffo’s Wake!

Steve Turnbull

Fantasy and science fiction writer Steve Turnbull will be joining us over the weekend in our “Arts of Steam” festival which is located in the magnificent Winter Gardens.
Steve is currently focusing on steampunk novels set in an alternative world after 1843. Unknown to many Steve is also a screenwriter and Poet.
I am sure Steve will be happy to chat to you on many levels so do pop along to his stall over the weekend where there will be a selection of books to purchase.

Masquerade Ball Food Orders Now Being Taken

ATTENTION: All those who have purchased either weekend tickets or ball tickets please email with your names and choices.

Masquerade Ball Menu Choice – We try to cater for All dietary requirements, so please let us know what you require.

All meals listed below can cater for be Vegetarians, Vegans, and Gluten free.

Main Course:

1) Sweet potato curry with rice

2) Vegetable chilli with rice

3) Chilli con carne with rice

4) Lasagne , garlic bread and salad

5) Chicken and bacon in a cream sauce with mushrooms and bacon served with Boulengere Potatoes

6) Quorn chicken cooked in a white wine sauce with mushrooms served with Boulengere Potatoes


1) Fruit crumble with custard or cream (Remember to state which)

2) Bread and butter pudding with custard or cream (Remember to state which)

3) Chocolate fudge cake with cream

4) Fruit salad & Cream

Joseph Remesar

We promised you some big names and here is another. A Splendid Day Out is delighted to announce that Joseph Remesar will be joining our Q&A panel at our Arts and Steam section of the festival this June.

Son of Spanish immigrants, born in Caracas, Joseph Remesar studied writing at the
University of Venezuela, performing various literary workshops at the Centro de Estudios Latinoamericanos Rómulo Gallegos, and later at the Florida International University (Miami, USA). For fourteen years he’s lived in the city of London.

He has published science fiction and fantasy novels, and participated in the anthologies “Chronicles of darkness” (Sportula 2014) and “The Best of Spanish Steampunk” (Retrofuturism – Nevsky 2014). Remesar is an official member of (and speaker at) the World Science Fiction Convention and the World Fantasy Convention, he is also involved in the selection of the winners of the hugo awards.

At Loncon3 in 2014 he also mounted an exhibition of art Steampunk together with artist Carlos Argilés, creator of the covers of their books. The submersible, is their second Steampunk-themed novel.