For many people the wearing of weapons in Steampunk attire is an important part of their experience. Nerf “modding” and the creation of fantastical armaments are all part of the creative journey that is Steampunk. That said, it is important to realise we live in a time where threats are real, everyone is on guard and where the fear of armed people is widespread with terror alerts a part of our everyday experience.

To offset any discomfort with members of the security system or members of the public, we have decided to produce a set of guidelines for the peace of mind and comfort of all.

As a general theme, the organisers of A Splendid Day Out support the wearing of weaponry of whatever kind as a part of Steampunk; again with that said, we have come up with these guidelines and rules that will be enforced as part of the A Splendid Day Out experience.


1. Please behave like adults – although we participate in a fun filled genre and lifestyle, any silliness or childish behaviour with weapons will not be tolerated and anyone acting in such a manner may be asked to leave.

2. We have had a full discussion with the Police regarding this issue and this policy, they are happy with it.

3. When at one of our multiplicity of zones and various premises, keep swords in sheaths and side-arms in holsters, unless a photograph is being posed for, but choose your pose area carefully.

4. If you need to satisfy honour with a ‘Nerf’ duel, then please take it outside and choose your site carefully.

5. No fencing, duelling or general brandishing of real swords or other bladed weapons is allowed, the Police have asked us to ensure any bladed weapon is to be sheathed at all times. Although they are more than aware that for us they are ‘costume’ items, carrying a bladed weapon is illegal. (see points 1 & 3)

6. If a member of the Police Service, event staff or premises staff approach you to ask you to play down, sheath or holster a weapon, please comply.

7. Whereas crafted Steampunk weaponry, ‘modded’ antique weapons (revolvers/flintlocks etc.) and ‘sci-fi’ style weapons are welcomed, the carriage of weaponry such as WW2 styles or more modern assault rifles etc. or functioning weapons such as air-rifles or airsoft weapons is not allowed! This should be obvious to all, but it is worth stipulating at this point.

8. Please respect the owners of other businesses who may not ‘get’ what we do and forbid the carriage of weaponry within their establishment – particularly relevant to public houses and cafes.

9. If you are carrying a fantastical piece of equipment/weapon, please take care when moving around the sites, not just for your safety, but for the safety of all. It would be inappropriate to carry a massive gatling gun around a crowded market for example.

10. Keep an eye on your weaponry at all times, do not leave them propped up or laid on a table without supervision. Provision will be made to store them if required on the day, we do not accept any responsibility for them.

11. Remember this is a fun event, take care with how you present yourself as an armed Steampunk, the public in Morecambe are well used to, and love seeing you all – but they may not understand.

As the organisers, we are not in the habit of being proscriptive about things, we expect everyone to act their ages and with decorum. This is a family event spread over a large area, not a closed event in a hall or similar, so it is expected that you act in a splendid fashion, enjoy yourselves and be an ambassador for our lifestyle