Huge Thanks for all your Support!

The A Splendid Day Out team have always believed in giving credit where it is due, and this year we have been bowled over with the support we have received both practically and in other forms.
Firstly, to all our lovely volunteers a huge vote of gratitude, without the following people we just could not have done it! Janice, Linda, Greg, Adrian, Jo, Dan, Tamsin, Sarah, Kay, Anthony, Gill, Claire, Michelle, Martin, Terrie, Ann-Kathrin, Lloyd, Mark, Kerry-Ann, Ruechenda, Viv Julia and Tish.. All of you are stars!
We must also thank the staff of The Hothouse in Morecambe, a splendid venue worth its weight in gold. Simon, Tom and the rest of the team at The Platform for all their patience and hard work. The amazing Julie and her team at The Headway Hotel.
To Rossi and Mark for their excellent sound work at the Masked Ball, and their continued support of us.

The BBC Inside Out programme for choosing us. And… You for taking the risk to be with us and looking awesome… From Rose, Ian and Rob THANK YOU!

2 thoughts on “Huge Thanks for all your Support!

    • Rob Bracewell

      Thank you Julia – it was our pleasure and we are so glad you had a great time.

      The Team

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