Our Humble Thanks

On behalf of Ian, Rose, and myself I would like to thank EVERYONE who came to this weekend’s shenanigans. It is always a humble moment to think that you would travel, some of you hundreds of miles, to come to our little offering.

We’d also like to extend a vote of immense gratitude and and love to our awesome volunteers – the true reflection of awesome – who work tirelessly behind the scenes;
Jo Mark Dan Gill Julie Linda Terrie Janice Michelle Kerry-Ann Claire Martin Andrew and our new friends Tim & Plumptious

ASDO would not work without you!

Finally, Gregory and Adrian who support us tirelessly and spin the magic tunes for us

We had a blast, we’ve met new friends, hugged and laughed with old friends and generally had a great time. We are a bit broken, but nothing a massage, a large gin and a healthy piece of cake won’t cure.

Thank you, you outdo yourselves each year. Your trust in us and your generosity to each other leaves us astounded.


Watch out for the Photo’s coming soon.

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