Thank you for your interest in performing at A Splendid Day Out. Our events attract a wide variety of performers from traditional musicians and poets, to Steampunk themed bands, dancers and street performers. The League of Splendid is committed to providing a rich and enjoyable Steampunk experience for both performers and attendees.

Please note: As A Splendid Day Out is a curated event, completion of this form does not guarantee a performance position. You will be added to our database and may be contacted  with an invitation to attend one of our events. Payment for performances will be made within 7 days of the event ending.

All selected artistes are expected to promote the event throughout the year. Those that do not will not be invited back.

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Please note we DO NOT operate a guest list anyone accompanying you will need to purchase tickets

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Description of Performance. Please provide as detailed a description of your act, including the number of people in your act, what audiences your performance is suitable for etc. Please feel free to include weblinks of pervious performances

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