The Bartitsu & Antagonists Forum (BAF)

Hey ho folks, The Bartitsu & Antagonistics Forum invite you to learn how to defend yourself. Whether you are alone in the dark streets with Jack the Ripper or have a score to settle with another gentleman you want to be prepared.
They will be giving demonstrations and running classes at A Splendid Day Out. There are a limited number of spaces available on both Sat & Sunday afternoons for a small fee of £2 and we will be taking pre bookings. So let us know if you are interested.

Lady Tish Toglet

All a Lady needs to know.

How did Victorians manage their ahem ablutions? How many layers did a Victorian lady actually wear? Lady Tish Toglet would be delighted to enlighten you at her talk on Victorian Unmentionables at A Splendid Day Out, The Storey, Lancaster

Splendid Teapot Racing

Great news our Teapot racing master Tim has agreed to return.
So the challenge is on. Get building your teapot vehicle and bring it along to try on our course. Further details on how to enter will follow soon. There may even be medals to be won!

Jason Salkey aka Rifleman Harris

A Splendid Day Out are delighted to have back for a second appearance, the lovely Jason Salkey aka Rifleman Harris of the Sharpe series. He’ll be talking about the series and life behind the scenes, selling memorabilia and be available for autographs. @ The Storey Lancaster May 30th & 31st

Aldous Pinch

Aldous Pinch (aka Crazy Aldo, aka The Reaper) is a teller of tales and keeper of secrets. His shady past and dubious future have intrigued many. When he’s not sitting in his Cabin, herfing on a cheap Dominican cigar, sipping rum straight from the bottle and playing his battered Ukulele he can occasionally be found shouting strange and incomplete stories at unwilling audiences far and wide.

Miss Harri Deane

Miss Harri Dean has agreed to join us throughout the day at A Splendid Day Out on Sat 30th May 2020. She will be performing popular songs from the The 1930’s to 1960’s. So grab a drink and rest your feet to this lady’s beautiful voice.