Mechanical Menagerie

A Splendid Day Out are pleased to announced that The Mechanical Menagerie will be joining us in 2019. So overcome your fears and meet Squishy the steel tarantula featuring the only 8 legged self propelled sound system in the world.

Scarlet Butterfly

Joining us at A Splendid Day Out during the day and supporting V2A Friday evening is the beautiful talented Scarlet Butterfly. . . . Theatrical, burlesque and cirque style pole dance and fire performer. Limited Weekend Tickets on sale now.


Riot in the house, make a lot of noise, survivors come and be WITNESSED!
Join V2A live at A Splendid Day Out’s Steamageddon , Party at the end of the world. May 31st @ The Carleton.

Lady Violet Hugh

As quoted by Paul Owens ” This lady has a wit and charm that sparkles, but her irreverent humour is positively effulgent! All of this, coupled with a beautiful operatic voice, ensure a fine evening’s entertainment full of double entendres and trenchant one-liners delivered in a style that is truly magnificent! and – yes – Splendid!”

Announcement for ticket holders!

Please go to the information centre at the Winter Gardens theatre to exchange for your wristbands. This will be open from 11am Friday morning til 4pm. If arriving after this time collect on the door at the Alhambra where the evening entertainment is.
The information centre will be open 10am sat morning for those not here Friday.