Very Very Important Announcement

The ASDO management team, also known in some quarters as the ‘triumvirate’, would like to share some wonderful news with you lovely people.

We received a communication from The BBC – yes The BBC – enquiring about the possibility of filming A Splendid Day Out for BBC North West’s magazine programme ‘Inside Out’ for screening in September (we considered saying no, for about .000001 of a nanosecond) and following discussions, we had a meeting today with the editor of the show to discuss what they wanted, took her around Morecambe to show her the sites, spoke in detail about Steampunk and its culture and splendidness, and decided upon a format for filming; with the addition of Simon O’Brian of the Rough Guide travel programme, and, get this, Mark Radcliffe of BBC Radio is dropping in cos he likes Steampunk!!

So, we are definitely going to filmed on the Saturday; interviews, wandering shots, crowd shots, and segments to camera the whole nine yards. Now, this is where you lovely peeps come in. They want a ‘promenade’ type shot, Steampunks on the prom parading in all their magnificence!

So, we propose that everyone who wishes to – everyone – meet at the Eric Morecambe statue at 4.30pm where we will promenade back to the Midland Hotel end of the prom in style and elegance. When I mean everyone, I do mean everyone, so it gives traders and vendors a chance to throw a cover over their goods, stretch their legs and be magnificent along with everyone else.

Please join us, it will be marvellous.
Rob, Rose and Ian

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