The New Jacobin Club – Important Announcement

Its Official The New Jacobin Club are coming to the UK , and we are both delighted and excited to announce that they will be playing at A Splendid Day Out’s “Captain Nemo’s Masked Ball” on Saturday 4th June 2016.

Tickets will be on Sale in the new year, in the meantime here’s a snippet to wet your tastebuds.

NJC Big Announcement

New Jacobin ClubNJC1 NJC2 NJC3

Into The Fire


Like a Lovecraftian horror tale told with all the sarcasm and wit of Oscar Wilde, the New Jacobin Club have been one of Western Canada’s most enigmatic and talked about independent bands for over a decade and a half. Their legendary stage theatrics and sonic delivery has been lauded as “A bevvy of fiendish visuals and a sound that brings together a cauldron of classic goth, 70’s rock and power metal.” (Rue Morgue).

The band is led by the roaring vitriolic storyteller and founding father Xerxes Praetorius Horde (aka The Horde) and his alluring and sardonic female counterpart Poison Candi (theremin, percussion, vocals), and backed by The Luminous (electric cello),The Ruin (bass), The Rat King (drums) and Mistress Nagini (synth, backing vocals, stage theatrics) .