A Splendid day Out  13th – 15th October 2017

The A Splendid Day Out airship will land in the UK’s  charming Victorian seaside retreat of Morecambe for its fourth year of top-hole entertainment. Presented by  The League of Splendid, another smaller, but perfectly formed weekend of astounding entertainment and events, will take place throughout Morecambe.

Starting  with the “Warm Up Party” on Friday the 13th of October with entertainment from Aldous Pinch and Ukulele Jukebox.

Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th of October will see The Platform host a marvellous itinerant Steampunk artisan market, Tea Duelling, entertainment from Marina Black, and Rachel Mercer. Sunday only we have the Cumbria Gaita Band, they will be livening up the market with Traditional Galician bagpipes and percussion.

Also on Saturday, join us at the Midland Hotel from 2:30pm for cocktails and jazz at the rotunda bar. Mr. Dan Archer will be around, offering his services as a portrait photographer completely free of charge!

Saturday night, see us at the Clockwork Extravaganza, with entertainment from Ward XVI, Capatain of the Lost Waves, and The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing!

Join us in your finest attire at THE Steampunk and Victorian event on the North West Coast of England.

 Friday 13th October 2017 – Warm Up Party

7:30pm to Midnight at The Carleton, 56 Marine Road West, Morecambe, LA4 4EU.

Free Entry!

Aldous Pinch

Aldous Pinch (aka Crazy Aldo, aka The Reaper) is a teller of tales and keeper of secrets. His shady past and dubious future have intrigued many. When he’s not sitting in his Cabin, herfing on a cheap Dominican cigar, sipping rum straight from the bottle and playing his battered Ukulele he can occasionally be found shouting strange and incomplete stories at unwilling audiences far and wide.

Ukulele Jukebox

Join Mike, Delia, Kizzy and Bob for a good old sing along and knees up to an eclectic mix of punk, rock, psychedelia and folk music.

Saturday 14th October 2017

Artisan Market At The Platform, Morecambe – 11am to 4pm £3 / Under 12’s Free (on door).

The Platform, Morecambe’s Victorian Promenade Railway Station. A splendid array of Steampunk traders, including costumiers, memorabilia, gifts, crafts and curios will be on hand to delight you with their merchandise. When you have had your fill of purchases, retire to our Tea Room for afternoon tea and maybe even a spot of tiffin. Livening up the room, we have: the talented accordionist, Marina Black, and Rachel Mercer will be performing music from the 1920s through to the 1940s.

Cocktails and Jazz At The Midland Hotel, Morecambe – 2:30pm – 4:30pm. Free Entry!
Artisan Market At The Midland Hotel – 11am – 4:30pm.

Cocktails and Jazz in the afternoon in The Midland Hotel’s Rotunda Bar, with music from Luca Brasi Four. Everybody is welcome so come and take some chill out time before the evening shenanigans begin. If you can catch him, Mr. Dan Archer will be taking portrait photographs, free of charge; we anticipate he will be kept very busy!

Saturday 14th October 2017 – Clockwork Extravaganza

7:30pm to Midnight at The Carleton, 56 Marine Road West, Morecambe, LA4 4EU

Tickets now on sale. £15!

Ward XVI

The gates of Whittingham Asylum have been struck open and for the first time in history the high security Ward XVI invites members of the public to meet face to face with the UK’s most violent serial killers. The ward’s longest-standing resident Psychoberrie, listed as the UK’S most dangerous criminal, will give an insight into her life prior to her incarceration. With assistance from medical staff Alex and Dr Stott and fellow inmate Jake she will tell the story of the reckless life led by herself and former partner Beardy McStumble and the narcotic induced murders that took place prior to his own decapitation. This is a sordid tale of deceit and manipulation represented with a genre defying mix of hard-hitting metal riffs, off-beat ska rhythms, melancholic piano, accordion, catchy female vocals, a hint of electro, and to top it all off an engaging, energetic theatrical live show.

Captain of the Lost Waves

A music box of tales, unsolved mysteries, and hidden gems via the Captain’s journey through time.

The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing

Old school punk rock. Like, REALLY old school.
Genuine 100% actual Londoners, The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing come from a past which probably never happened via a present they didn’t want. Less steampunk and more “SteamPUNK”, the British four piece mix Anarchy and Anachrony in equal measure. Expect a robot Sid Vicious covering Slayer in an 1877 East End Music Hall: a murky mix of Doctor Who, Doctor Watson and Doctored History. Not for the faint hearted or those of a delicate disposition.

The Men are, Andrew O’Neill (vocals, radical politics, inappropriate swearing), Gerhard ‘Andy’ Heintz (vocals, saw), MaЯc BuЯЯows (guitar, vocals), and Jez Miller (drums).

Sunday 15th October 2017 – Victorian Steampunk Artisan Market

At The Platform, Morecambe – 11am to 4pm . £3 / Under 12’s Free (on door).

On top of the same line up from Saturday, the Cumbria Gaita will be performing traditional Galician bagpipes and percussion music.