Loading will begin at the Platform LA4 4DB from 8am sat morning. Please drive through the bollards (there is room) onto the platform forecourt. Drive to the far end nearest the Kentucky. The double doors at that end will be open. Upon entering the building you will find tables laid out with names on. Proceed to find yours. If you do not require tables there will be a number of staff members around to remove them for you. We use them initially to mark out your pitch space.
As soon as you have finished unloading your vehicle please remove it to make room for others.

If you wish to drop stuff off on the Friday you may do so between 2pm and 4pm ONLY

Doors open to the Public at 10 am and close again at 4.30pm The Parade is at 4.45pm on the Sat from outside the midland hotel, we would like as many traders to attend as possible. You are able to leave everything set up overnight as the buildings will be secure.

Please pack up swiftly on the Sunday.