Winter Gardens Tours

Adding to the already busy weekend Itinerary, we can confirm that on both Saturday and the Sunday afternoon The Winter Gardens Parisian Bar will be open to all our Attendees for tea and Alcoholic refreshments with Live entertainment from Miss Harri Deane. Who will be bringing you music from the 1930’s/40’s.
There will also be a chance to have a full tour of this beautiful (some say Haunted) Victoria Pavilion Theatre which was built in 1897 and is undergoing restoration.
Tour times are 1pm and 3pm on both days, and take aprox 1 hour.
So do take a stroll up the Promenade and partake in some of Morecambe’s Heritage.

2 thoughts on “Winter Gardens Tours

    • Hi Wendy, The Winter Gardens opened up the Theatre for tours during A Splendid Day Out in June and we hope to work with them again at future events. In October we are holding Our Friday Night Warm up Party in the Parisian Bar which is part of the Winter Gardens. Although there is no tour planned you will most likely be able to go into the main Theatre, so if you fancy joining us let us know.

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